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Coalition History

2020 - 2023: Formation of the PCHC

The PCHC was re-convened in 2020 to elevate the discourse around the tightening housing market and envision possible solutions to these housing challenges.


The PCHC compiled the best information available on local housing challenges in its 2021 Park County Housing Needs Assessment. One of the assessment's findings was that only 20% of households in Park County earned enough to afford
a mortgage for a median single-family home.

PCHC outlined a shared vision and recommended 12 tools to address the community's housing needs in its 2022 Park County Housing Action Plan. Elected officials then adopted the plan as an addendum to the City of Livingston's and Park County's growth policies.

Both the 2021 Park County Housing Needs Assessment and the 2022 Park County Housing Action Plan can be viewed and downloaded from "Reports, Plans & Surveys."


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