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Resident Resources

HRDC offers services in Livingston and Bozeman. HRDC can help you access safe and secure housing. HRDC focuses on meeting the needs of our customers at all levels of housing. The HRDC team can help you access emergency shelter, find affordable housing, and help you buy or keep your home. HRDC’s homeless services provide emergency shelter and transitional housing. HRDC’s affordable housing services will help you find rentals and access assistance. HRDC’s homeownership assistance supports current and future homeowners with education, counseling, and more.


Montana Board of Housing (Montana Department of Commerce) Montana Housing staff can assist with buying a home, down payment assistance, mortgage servicing, Reverse Annuity Mortgages, rental housing assistance, and multifamily rental development.


Montana Public Interest Research Group (MontPIRG) Tenant Landlord Guide - includes helpful information on Montana law and resources for renters or landlords. 


Park County has a variety of information for residents including upcoming meetings and events. 


City of Livingston has a variety of information for residents including upcoming meetings and events.

Park City-County Board of Health register a short term rental.

Resident Resources

Advocate Resources

This page will include information on the work of the PCHC subcommittees, to sign up for a subcommittee, please fill out the form to join the PCHC


The PCHC priority area subcommittees will move forward on three topics in 2022. Facilitated by the PCHC coordinator, each subcommittee will define the scope and timeline within the first two meetings. There may be a small amount of overlap between the work of the subcommittees. The three priority areas will be focused on: 


Developing a Community Investment Fund

This subcommittee will evaluate the existing and future options related to expanding funding opportunities. Examples of options that subcommittee members may choose to advance would be:

Work with the Montana Cooperative Development Center to establish a community investment fund

Identify a leading organization and establish a local housing grant program

Support and organize support for a mill levy to fund housing within the City of Livingston 

Workforce Housing Challenges & Employer-Based Solutions

This subcommittee will focus on the impact of housing on the local economy, including examining current housing solutions that may be scaled and establishing new solutions to meet collective housing needs. Some examples of outcomes may include 

Allocating land for housing development

Providing employees down payment assistance 

Creating a community investment fund (joint-subcommittee outcome) 

Build political will around policy changes and/or large-scale investments 


Data Tracking/Metrics

This subcommittee will add capacity to data collection and analysis for the PCHC, including building out the PCHC website and housing dashboard.

Advocate Resources
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