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Coalition Leadership

Katherine Daly  |  Program Manager 

Katherine began her role as the coalition's Program Manager in September of 2023; the position is housed within HRDC, District IX's Community Development Department.  Katherine has a Master's degree in City and Metropolitan Planning and has spent the last decade engaged in planning for gateway communities throughout the mountain west. She pairs social science research methods with consensus building techniques to help communities understand their challenges, agree upon priorities, and work together to meet their community development goals. 


She envisions the Park County Housing Coalition as an outlet for trustworthy, timely, and empowering information about housing policy and resources in Park County. She sees it as engine for capacity building and meaningful collaboration in the development of community housing and the preservation of the community's legacy to future residents.

Steering Committee

Monthly Meetings

4th Wednesday of every month at 4:00 p.m.
HRDC conference room | 121 S. 2nd Street, Livingston, Montana

Click here for meeting agendas and minutes.

The June steering committee meeting will not be held 6/26/2024. 

It has been rescheduled to Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. 

Location will be the same: HRDC conference room, 121 S. 2nd Street, Livingston, Montana.

 Click here to share your ideas, questions, and comments with the steering committee. 

Becky Miller  |  Opportunity Bank

Becky is a local mortgage lender with 15 years of experience providing home financing for Park County residents. She has extensive knowledge about, and have utilized, down payment assistance options and low- to moderate-income lending products. She has her finger on the pulse of the community around housing needs and understands the dire need for a Park County strategic housing plan.


Together we can merge data, existing resources, and new ideas to help find solutions for our local housing issues. My goals for the Park County Housing Coalition Steering Committee are to be a trusted resource and to ensure that housing stays a priority with local government officials.

Carrie Holder  |  Yellowstone National Park Lodges

I have been in the Gardiner/Mammoth community for over 30 years. I came to the area from
Tennessee (Go Vols!) to “work a summer” in Yellowstone many years ago, gave up teaching and ended up making this my home. I have worked a number of jobs in the Park and have been in Human Resources most of my career. The Park and the people here changed my life and I feel proud to be a part of bringing people here and hopefully changing their lives for the better. Having Yellowstone as a backyard is amazing.


We are watching things continue to change in the housing landscape and want to be an active part, not a bystander for which direction things go. Housing issues are impacting families, employers, small business owners and individuals. We feel the housing coalition will help us find solutions so that people can live a reasonable distance from their workplace in affordable housing. It will also allow our long-standing families and community members to be a part of decision making surrounding affordable, safe housing for our small town.

Geoff Anderson  |  Good Housing Partnership

Geoff is a developer primarily focused on affordable and workforce housing throughout the Country. He has over a decade of multifamily residential development experience working with non-profits, public housing authorities and local municipalities in the creation and preservation of Affordable and workforce housing. He has a long family history within Park County and is excited to work with the other Coalition members and the Park County community to find solutions to the County’s housing needs.


Geoff sees the Coalition as a way for a diverse group of individuals, both in experience and expertise, to engage with and be a conduit for the greater Park County community. Geoff believes that a singular approach or vision isn’t necessarily the only solution but rather broad engagement may inform or lead to a more viable and actionable path forward.

Grant Gager  |  City of Livingston

Grant Gager serves as the City of Livingston’s appointed City Manager. In this role, Grant is responsible for managing the operations of the City while supporting the Commission with the development and implementation of policy priorities.


Grant believes that the City’s participation in the Housing Coalition is critical to ensuring that all sectors of the community are aligned in the pursuit of solutions to the City’s housing issues.

Hannah Wologo  |  Livingston HealthCare & LiveWell49

Hannah is a dedicated community advocate whose love for her career runs deep. Her passion for the intersections between people, health and the environment have driven her to seek out opportunities where she can facilitate conversations that lead to positive community building. She holds a BS/MS in Dietetics, serves as the Community Health Coordinator for Livingston HealthCare and co-facilitates LiveWell49, a local coalition dedicated to enhancing health and well-being across Park County.


Hannah's core mission revolves around advancing health equity, a goal tightly interwoven with secure housing. To her, having a safe place to call home is not just a basic need but the foundation upon which all other health determinants rest. For this reason and more, she views the Housing Coalition as an indispensable resource for Park County residents.

Jamie Isaly  |  Livingston Education Association & Yellowstone Bend Citizen's Committee

Jamie is a happy husband of 40+ years, and a proud father of three wonderful children. He is a retired teacher having committed 30 years to the Livingston school district. Isaly has served on various committees and boards in the community over the years. He currently spends his time doing small building projects for people, and dabbling in his many interests. More importantly he continues to engage in, and with, various organizations and committees throughout our community, always working towards improving the quality of life for all of our citizens.


Having run for public office it became abundantly clear how the lack of affordable housing is impacting our state and our communities, and Park county is no exception. From my perspective the PCHC has been actively involved in assessing the problem, and then working on developing some possible solutions to address the issue. Consequently, I look forward to actually implementing projects that start to meet the economic needs of our diverse county residents, and keep them here with good paying jobs and affordable places to live.

Kris Smith  |  Headwaters Economics

Kristin “Kris” Smith is the lead researcher and policy analyst for the FloodWise Community Assistance program at Headwaters Economics, an independent research nonprofit based in Montana. She works with communities with unique economic challenges and opportunities, including tourism-based communities and energy communities, and conducts policy-facing research to support resilience and wellbeing in rural regions.


She joined the Park County Housing Coalition to help connect the dots between economic development, disaster resilience, and affordable housing. She is interested in working on practical, innovative, and actionable solutions to ensure our communities in Park County are accessible for everyone. 

Samantha Ricketts  |  Sage Lodge

Samantha Ricketts is an experienced and certified Human Resources leader with years of experience as a People & Culture Business Partner, Financial Manager and Business Manager.

Samantha is passionate that safe housing is a human right and is grateful to contribute to a community collaboration helping our neighbors and their families.

Tawyna Rupe Mraz  |  Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation & Mraz Hay and Cattle

Tawnya Rupe Mraz is the Montana Philanthropy Senior Program Director at the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. She is passionate about how community expertise and vision can strengthen communities.


Tawnya is excited for the potential of the Housing Coalition to help foster dialogue among diverse Park County stakeholders to spark innovation to help coordinate resources to bring community ideas to fruition. Tawnya and her husband own and operate Mraz Hay and Cattle in Wilsall.

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