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Reports, Plans & Surveys

Perspectives from Park County Providers on Homelessness and Housing Insecurity

The Human Resource Development Council, IX (HRDC) commissioned this report on behalf of the Park County Housing Coalition to inform emergency shelter and tenancy support service planning in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the June 2022 Flooding Event. Feedback was sought from professionals working in housing and tenancy support in Park County, as well as adjacent fields such as social services, healthcare, and crisis response, who together form a local network of providers serving community members experiencing housing insecurity. The overall goal was to identify key barriers, gaps, and needs in the existing service network and illuminate shared priorities and opportunities that could lay the groundwork for future collaboration, service planning, and community education and engagement. 

 Community Housing Needs Survey 

The PCHC Workforce Housing and Employer-Based solutions subcommittee is running a survey from September 2022 through the end of October 2022 seeking information about the intersection of employment and housing in Park County. 

Park County Housing Action Plan

The Park County housing action plan (HAP), finalized in early 2022, aims to define clear goals, strategies, policies, priorities, and responsible parties for implementation to create and preserve homes affordable to Park County, Montana, residents. The plan will define a mechanism to monitor progress and priorities. This plan was developed to reflect the values of a wide variety of community stakeholders from Park County, including residents, nonprofits, governmental, and business partners, in a process facilitated by the Human Resource Development Council of District IX.

Park County Housing Needs Assessment

The Park County Housing Coalition -- a collaborative project of the Park County Community Foundation and Human Resource Development Council of District IX (HRDC) -- produced the 2021 Park County Housing Needs Assessment to compile the best information available about this community-wide challenge. For updated housing information on both Park County and individual communities within Park County, we encourage you to explore the tools available for needs assessments on

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