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The mission of the Park County Housing Coalition is to create a community-based collaborative effort to increase opportunities for Park County residents to access housing where they can afford to live and thrive.

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Who We Are

Facilitated by local community action agency, the Human Resource Development Council, IX (HRDC), the PCHC brings together a wide variety of stakeholders including nonprofit organizations, governmental partners, and the local business community from throughout Park County to address housing affordability and implementation of the 2022 Park County housing action plan. The PCHC works through dedicated subcommittees with tangible goals to make progress on a shared vision of housing opportunities for residents to where they can afford to live and thrive.

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Where We've Been & Where We Are Now

The PCHC was first convened in 2020 to elevate the discourse around the already tightening housing market and envision possible solutions to these housing challenges. In 2021 a subcommittee of the PCHC, the “housing working group” volunteered their time for a deeper dive into the housing needs to focus on the development of a housing action plan. In addition to releasing the draft housing action plan for public feedback in 2021, the PCHC released the Park County housing needs assessment to provide additional details about the current conditions, preliminary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and unique set of opportunities and challenges with the regulatory environment in the region. The Park County housing needs assessment is a supporting document to the housing action plan available under the documents tab.

Going forward, the PCHC will focus efforts on implementing the Park County Housing Action Plan (HAP) and fulfilling the mission of increasing opportunities for Park County residents to access housing where they can afford to live and thrive.


“From Wilsall to Cooke City, housing in Park County is an issue that touches on the daily life of all Park County residents.”

Gavin Clark

Executive Director, Park County Community Foundation

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Why should I join the Park County Housing Coalition?

The Park County Housing Coalition has room for everyone! If you or your organization would like to be involved in the next phase of the PCHC please click below to fill out the form. There are numerous ways to stay up to date and shape the future of housing in Park County by joining current subcommittees tackling the near term goals of the housing action plan. If you'd like to be on the email list without joining the Coalition, please click here.


What are subcommittees working on in 2022?

Develop a Community Investment Fund
Workforce Housing Challenges & Employer-Based Solutions
Data Tracking/Metrics
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